Pinkalla Racing

The Pinkalla family has had a long history in the Midwestern racing community. Gaining an interest in racing from his fathers influence, our company's founder Chuck Pinkalla has been racing at area short tracks for more than 35 years. He raced anything he could for a time but found a family in racing after joining the Midwest Enduro Stock Car Series.

As children Becky and Jared Pinkalla would attend these races with their father and were raised with a love for racing. They had their turn at racing themselves. At the time the track was named Badger Raceway and with their father by their side they began racing 4cycle Briggs and Stratton karts. Becky continued racing at Badger Raceway until she was 19. Jared, bitten by the bug of enduro racing built his first car at 13 and with special permission began racing in the enduro series at the age of 14. Becky wasn't far behind, even though she had just started a family of her own she began racing the series in 2006.

Together as a family they raced for many years until the series was discontinued. Becky's daughter Samantha Pinkalla had the same interest in racing. She raced karts at Badger Raceway just as her mother did before her. Now Samantha is an active member of the crew at Wilmot Raceway

Chuck and Jared both have been racing at Wilmot Raceway since the end of the Enduro Series. Steadily improving over the years Chuck lead the team to a track championship in 2013.

You can see the Pinkalla stock car Saturday nights at Wilmot Raceway, check out this year's schedule here.

Team Members

  • Chuck Pinkalla

    Master Mechanic

    Chuck has the knowledge and wisdom that comes with years of automotive experience. An essential part of the team we rely on Chuck for some of our most tedious and technical repairs.

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  • Jared Pinkalla

    Master Mechanic

    Jared has a passion for the automotive industry. Not only an experienced mechanic, Jared is also a skilled engine builder and fabricator.

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  • Becky Pinkalla

    Manager/WiDOT Emissions Testing Coordinator

    Becky leads us in quality customer service. Her commitment to customer satisfaction is invaluable. You may see her tending the beautiful flowers adorning the shop from spring to fall.

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  • Maggie Pinkalla

    Service Advisor/WiDOT Emissions Tester

    Maggie supports the shop no matter what is asked of her. She provides our customers exceptional customer service and emissions tests their vehicles for the WiDOT.

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